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" We are a unit of Jyoti Charitable Trust dedicated in help poor and illiterate "


To provide an academic foundation which enables them to develop robust personality traits, thinking creatively and help them to excel in all the fields.


The school is committed to educate both urban and rural students, so that they can culminate into independent thinkers.We belive in constructing a heaven which also cultivates a sense of belonging in the student's heart.

Seema Singh

Chairman's Message

" We cannot build the future for your youth, but we can built our youth for the future," - Franklin D. Roosevelt

In the dawing of an era where parenting is merely an extension of submission to a kid's demands, you might belive that makes the little one happy.By that, you belive to conceal your own guilt of compensation with money for time.Parenting is not merely supporting the growth of a child but to have active participation in the growth.Here's what, if you teach your child once, it will remain as a legacy with them and beyond.

Discipline is inevitable and this your child shold know.All notorious and fun deeds apart,you should never compromise with the discipline.If they refuse to take commands for their discipline, they are obliged to take command for their punishment.

Punctuality and hard work are the biggest virtues and milestones to success. However they dont't come on thier own.Set them a target and once they achieve it,they may get an reward of their choice.You need to teach a child to fear God,to respect all and belive in love,Respecting people automatically reduces all other vices from their view of you.Being God fearing automatically inculcates in you all virtues, for you know you'd be punished for the vices.Loving one and all you belive in the unity of mankind and to be optimistic about yourself and the world.

Thank You
God Bless You...!!

Dr. Ramanuj Singh
Managing Director

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Managing Director

Dear Parents,
May I welcome you and your child to Divyansh International Public School.We are very proud of our school and look forward to meeting you and your child thankyou for considering us for the education of your child.
We,DIPS want to be acknowledge as an institute,which provides quality education with morden techniques,Innovative learning yet keeping thefoundation strong.We want to build a strong positive selfimage of a child,allowing him exeperience the opportunity,joy of discovery and develop a love for learning.We belive every child ha an inert talent and we must elevate that talent to its maximum potential,therefore at DIPS we focus on overall development of the child and keep exploring new ways to enhance skills needed to succeed.
The first time one step onto the marvelous campus with every faculty that every morden school can offer,one realizes that not only this institute is run by an administration that belives in the holistic development of children but also the and invigorating ethos of the campus and staff unwavering commitment to the growth and development of their students.With that said, I belive my role here is quite simply of a catalyst, providing the ingredients both in terms of core values and resources, thereby faciliting rapid and sustainble growth of each and every bright young talent who walks through the gates of this institution which is now my second home.


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" We are a unit of Jyoti Charitable Trust. group believes in promoting and looking after the well rounded development of individuals through the cultivation of their intellectual, creative, personal, social, and physical abilities."

While an organization in physicality is an elaborate set of ideas and infrastructure, what lends it a soul is its belief system. At Divyansh International Public School, the purpose is served by a set of Values that we strive to abide by and the Pillars that support our existence.

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